(For Max) -Katie Skadoske-

January 21, 2010

 Katie Skadoske
:) for max because I 'forgot' someone very important in the sexy scene's blog ;) so this is for max
upon request! :)



OKieeee, so there you go Katie Skadoske fans... and Max who requested this(kinda) lol. comment and tell us at TKA what kinda pics you wanna see, what kind of VS. things do you want us to make, and just some ideas on what to do, what kinda pages we should put up, and what your general interests are ^^ remember to comment and sign up for our mailing list... it THE one that says Fill out my form! lol yes that one click it!!! lol.
um... leave us a request on what we should write about :)                                                                                  
 we love comments!!!
 love you guys forever. :)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  -TKA :) <3 0.o


Summer 2010!!!

January 20, 2010
Agh! School! I'm sooo sick of it! It's starting to get soooo boring! I am extremely ready for summer! this year the first day is on 6/21/10!!! I'm like Uber excited! :))


Soo... which one would you pick??? comment and let us; TKA (Tera, Kiersten, and Amonique)
know what you would pick?? So yep i think that's all... Oh yeah! um... remember to fill out our mailing list okie? It's the one on the side that says 'Fill out my form!' -----------------------------------------------------> right th...

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Hottest Scene guyz/galz :) rAwr!

January 17, 2010
Okie, so hello :) well mii friends and people that are randomly asking us questions on myspace (lol) have been asking me and mii friends who are the hottest scene/emo/punk guys && gals??? well this is what we(TKA) think :) 

SEXii Scene guyz <3:

 Chris Dakota <3

Alex Evans :))) <3 


Oli Sykes... o.o <3


Christopher Drew Ingle <3

Cute Scene Girls [ :) ] 

Dakota Rose :)

Brookelle Bones :)


Kiki Kannibal

Audrey Kitching :)

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